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Training Courses

It is necessary to correctly and safely locate all cables, pipes and other utility assets underground, prior to breaking earth or probing or testing the soil. Therefore, you need to ensure that your staff are fully trained on locator equipment and best practice to be able to do their job correctly and safely on-site.

Our most popular courses focus on the correct methods for locating underground services. Primarily using Cable Avoidance and Professional Locators as well as Ground Penetrating Radar. Our courses are;

• not brand specific and are open to all equipment owners, not just our customers
• Approved by Nulca NZ
• Accredited by ARA Institute of Canterbury

Our courses are held in Auckland and Christchurch but if you have any special requests or wish to have a course at your workplace then CALL 0800 500 380 or EMAIL 


Industry Approved Courses, in partnership with Nulca NZ and ARA Institute of Canterbury.

This field of learning, attendees will gain hands-on experience with theory-based and practical knowledge being aligned with workplace and Industry Standards.

Accurate Instruments training courses are made up of shared global industry information sourced from industry practitioners, instrument manufacturers and recognised training establishments. This wealth of information has been gathered and compiled by our own company specialists and composed for delivery at NZ Industry level.

Our training material focusses on the core understanding of sciences and fundamentals and highlighting the areas of risk to the operator.


Want to know more than just your basic instruction and operation. Methodology training is an understanding and educational based teaching that will help you get the best out of your equipment, using a theoretical and practical approach.

Understanding the correct operation of the equipment is key to achieving the desired results. Unlike consumer retail technical products, the end user will rarely find YouTube “how to” or “unboxing” videos covering these instruments and machines.


Do you need assistance with powering on or using your equipment?

In Branch or Online 45 – 90 minutes
Contact Us to book Basic Product Training on any Product sold at Accurate.

Every worker has the right to go home safe each day. By training on how to utilise equipment correctly, avoid hazards and manage risk, we can do our part in transferring knowledge.

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